I am a UX Designer & Researcher based in Washington DC.

About me

As a Middle East specialist, Semitic dialect enthusiast, and English educator, I bring an intercultural lens to my work as a UX Designer and Researcher.

My journey to UX began when I was teaching in the Middle East as a Fulbright Scholar and then in DC, managing international programs in the Global South. Empathizing with my students with a focus on cultural diversity allowed me to design an online and in-person curriculum that addressed my students' specific needs. My background in educational non-profits inspired me to pursue UX, where the user's perspective was an integral cornerstone of business and design decisions.

I have strong experience in UX research, visual design, and rapid prototyping with expertise in the education and non-profit sector. With a BA in Middle East Studies from Florida State University and MA in Middle East and North African Studies from the University of Michigan, I am equipped with a strong understanding of quantitative/qualitative research. I apply that same understanding in my approach to UX design and research.

When I am not working on client projects as a UX Designer & Researcher, you can find me deep in the Shenandoah Valley as an aspirant myrmecologist and Eastern seaboard naturalist.

Interested in connecting? Email me at hazel10323@gmail.com.